Uphill Rush 4: Drive, Dive and Destroy


After featuring motorcycles, trucks and speedy cows, the Uphill Rush series has become a definite crowd pleaser. Fans of the wacky racing series have no doubt spent time memorizing every roller coaster loop and street park curve to make their stunts count. If you're one of them, then you'd probably welcome Uphill Rush 4's sweet new improvements.

When it comes to avatar creation, Uphill Rush is definitely the browser racing game to beat. Aside from choosing the gender of your racer, you can also pick from a diverse lot of outfits to suit him up with. That being said, even more clothes have been added in Uphill Rush 4. To be specific, crazier ones have been mixed in with your typical racing garb. Want to be a sumo wrestler or a ninja? You can choose to do so with a guy avatar. Girls get to be an angel or a geisha if they're tired of the usual clothing choices.

If that's not enough for you, you can further personalize your favorites by picking from a wide assortment of patterns and colors. Want a speedboat emblazoned with a pink kiss mark pattern? How about an epic tiger print suit? With the sheer number of pattern and color combinations, the game definitely encourages you to let your creative juices flow.

Of course by saving up enough virtual spending money, you may also be able to afford a new set of wheels (or hooves, even fins) that come with better stats. Upgrade the standard rubber floater to an intimidating crocodile and trade in your motorcycle for a trusty steed; you'll be much more formidable in the race track.

We have also been big fans of the custom controls feature that has been there since the second game. Instead of confining you to just one set or giving you the leeway to pick from several predetermined schemes, you can actually choose which buttons you want to use per command. Considering how tricky the stunts can get, this is a definite lifesaver. Though it is a practical feature, custom controls remain a rarity in browser games.

When it comes to modes, Cup categories and difficulty unlocking, things remain the same. However, there are key tweaks that made things much more interesting. Instead of just focusing on being able to cross the finish line within the time limit, you can now go on a destructive rampage. With multiple paths to choose from, you will inevitably come across things blocking your way. What do you do then? Run them over of course. You earn multipliers by knocking down that other guy on a floater or annihilating the lifeguard watchtower with a cute dolphin. There's nothing really violent about it as characters just fly off screen anime style so don't worry about scarring your kids for life. Anyway, while it's nothing too fancy, we enjoyed it immensely.

What we're trying to say is, if you've stuck by the Uphill Rush series as far as the third installment then you will definitely love Uphill Rush 4. While the feel of the game has been retained, the introduction of new mechanics and improvement of the game physics in general is enough to double the fun for series fans. Actually, we recommend trying Uphill Rush 4 even if you're unfamiliar with the series. This racing game will either impress you with its in-depth customization features and catchy rock tunes or make you laugh at sumo wrestlers, crocodiles and flamboyant waiters. Though it isn't the prettiest, it's definitely addicting. Save an afternoon, or two, or three for one of the best and possibly most crazy racing games to be found at gamesfreak.net, we guarantee you won't regret it.